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Robinhood Solar Group provides full-service solar solutions for residential, commercial, and non-profit customers in New Jersey. As a leading New Jersey solar company, we’ve been designing and building solar panel systems. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction, which we achieve by offering quality products, professional installation, and outstanding value with the best warranty in the industry.


Our services include solar energy systems, energy storage systems, solar pool heating systems, and roofing. Headquartered in Northern, New Jersey, we install and service systems in Bergen County, Passaic County, Hudson County, and locations throughout all of New Jersey. We also service Tri-State Area (NJ, PA, CT) MS, FL, NC, SC, GA MD, IL, TX, NM, CO, 

As a licensed New Jersey contractor we do the work right, ensure job site safety, and deliver our projects on schedule. We never outsource our jobs. Our solar installers, technicians, and analysts are certified professionals.

Whether we’re installing a simple residential solar system or a large multi-array commercial solar energy project, we know the importance of each job. It is our privilege to help New Jersey homeowners achieve affordable electricity, live comfortably. We take pride in helping New Jersey businesses lower their energy costs and make a commitment to a better future with clean energy.

Robinhood Solar

Our Quality Guarantee

Our company uses quality solar panel infrastructure. This means that your home or business will be powered effectively by our solar panels for a long time to come. We offer the best warranty in solar installation.


Value (val·ue /ˈvalyo͞o/) 2. A person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life. At Robinhood solar we believe that our principle is that our customers are what makes our company successful. Whether it be serving a diverse array of customers, to our customers, sharing our story, our company and their experience as our customers with friends & family who they feel can benefit from going solar, who they believe want to partake in providing a cleaner environment for humanity, or even just would love to be treated “like family” during going solar – these customer’s trust us enough to refer us their friends & family, which is something we take seriously. We will treat our customers, with respect, integrity, and transparency during the process of going solar.

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