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Solar Group

Solar Energy Consultants helping Homeowners to save money producing their own electricity by going solar.

Robinhood Solar Group provides full-service solar solutions for residential, commercial, and non-profit customers in New Jersey. As a leading New Jersey solar company, we’ve been designing and building solar panel systems. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction, which we achieve by offering quality products, professional installation, and outstanding value with the best warranty in the industry.

Our services include solar energy systems, energy storage systems, solar pool heating systems, and roofing. Headquartered in Northern, New Jersey, we install and service systems in Bergen County, Passaic County, Hudson County, and locations throughout all of New Jersey. We also service Tri-State Area (NJ, PA, CT) MS, FL, NC, SC, GA MD, IL, TX, NM, CO, 

As a licensed New Jersey contractor we do the work right, ensure job site safety, and deliver our projects on schedule. We never outsource our jobs. Our solar installers, technicians, and analysts are certified professionals.

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Our Mission

At Robinhood Solar Group, we not only care deeply for our planet, but we care as equally if not more about our customers. We believe in the motto “treat people, as you would like your

family treated.” This is a standard we at Robinhood Solar take very seriously. One part of that, is that we find being transparent with our customers to be part of the top tier experience we

like to offer. Though there is typically no upfront cost for solar system installations, the average price ranges from on the low end $18,000 to upwards of $65-75,000 range (though there are

many government incentives that will help lower this cost dramatically). These costs make going solar a significantly mid to large purchase for the average homeowner. With this in mind,

we feel it important to help our customers feel confident in the decision they have made to go solar – to save money and help contribute to the care of the environment. We believe in providing a tailored experience for each customer – as your roof is not a one-size-fits-all, neither should your experience be. We want to make this process smooth, easy, and as effective as possible.

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Our Story

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Robinhood Solar Group was founded in 2020 during the middle of the pandemic. Being the owner (Ubaldo Torres), like many other people thought about life and if he was truly doing something he loved and was he helping people or giving back as he truly felt compelled to do. He was not, in fact he was in a job he hated and was ready to make a move. He sought to find something new and was introduced to the Solar Industry to work as a Solar Consultant. He was first skeptical about working in solar as he had previously been duped into the installation of solar panels onto his home. He had gotten into a contract without the guidance, explanation, or assistance of the company sales representative who came to his home. After that nightmare of an experience, Ubaldo, felt maybe that should be his reason for becoming a Solar Consultant as he did not want anyone else to experience what he had gone through, hence the name Robinhood Solar. Robinhood Solar Group, was developed, with the mindset of helping homeowners become their own producer of energy, to stop paying utility companies, to go green, and save money, all while providing top tier customer experiences. From the time of conception Robinhood Solar has placed many processes into place and has grown exponentially through word of mouth from not only — the transparency, the customer experience — but also from their referral program. The referral program that pays anyone who refers someone for solar (paid upon installation) $1,000 directly. . Though along the way and during the installation process — we can encounter challenges — such as delays with permitting from the city, to inspections, and connection delays to grid from utility companies, and other small hurdles– Robinhood Solar, handles all of this so that you do not have to and we keep our customer in the loop, as well as Robinhood Solar, pushes these processes along.

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Robinhood Solar Panel Install NJ

Go Solar For $0 Down

Upgrade to Solar for Ownership & Equity in Your Power

  • No Upfront Cost

  • Fixed Payment That Will NEVER Go Up

  • Save Up To 80% Of Your Current Electric Bill

  • Add Value to Your Home

  • Protect Yourself Against Rising Utility Rates

  • Receive Thousands In Federal Tax Credit if You Qualify

  • Best Warranty In the Industry - 30 Years!

  • 24/7 Monitoring Of Your System

  • And Many More Benefits

Act Now! Incentives Are Stepping Down!

Call To See If You Qualify

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How It Works

Save on your Solar Bill


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Solar Cell

Solar cell 

A single PV Cell

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Solar Panel

Multiple cells form a panel

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Solar Array

Multiple Panels form an array  

Solar Panel System
Solar Panel System

Solar Panel System

Multiple arrays form the whole system

Robinhood Solar Group

Robinhood Solar Group

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